Getting to Know Mrs. Hatch

By Juan Martinez.

Mrs. Hatch is one of the many influential teachers that Heritage Academy employs. Because she is still teaching after 25 years, I wanted to know why she continues to teach and what she enjoys doing. Therefore, I conducted an interview and asked her a couple of questions.  

Has teaching been something you’ve wanted to do since you were young?

It wasn’t until I was in my junior year at BYU that I realized I wanted to teach science, in particular Anatomy and Physiology. I desired to understand how the body can move and function in such an incredible way! Up until that time I was a dance major, wanting a career in the performing arts or teaching dance. I changed my major to Zoology, with an emphasis in vertebrate zoology and cellular biology. As I pursued this major, I also came to understand that I wanted to teach. I had excellent teachers in high school, including one science teacher, in particular, that made a positive impact in my life. I decided I would like to do the same for future students I would be privileged to teach.”

After so long, what motivates you to come back and keep teaching?

After sooooo long (25 years), lol, I continue teaching because I so enjoy teaching, mentoring, advising, helping, and encouraging wonderful high school students, as well as college-age students. In addition, I love science, especially the subjects I teach, so it gives me great joy to pass on the knowledge I have gained as well as instill a desire to learn more about the subjects I teach. Nothing beats the feeling when a teacher has helped or made a difference in students’ lives.”

What do you like to do when you have free time?

I love to road bike outside. My husband and I take long rides as often as possible. My longest ride to date is 56 miles. I also love working out, going to the gym, and dancing whenever I hear hip hop or R&B. When I can, I travel to see my 4 kids. They live all over the country, from New York to Hawaii!”

What is your favorite class to teach?

I have two, anatomy and biotechnology. Those two classes cover what I am most interested in, the human body and the advancement of human health through molecular biology.”

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