By Sebastian Acevedo.

One bright and bristling Tuesday afternoon, you get home from school and you lie down on your bed ready to be productive and do homework. However, only after browsing Instagram for a couple of minutes  the next thing you know it is eleven o’clock and you have to turn in that English paper the next day.

I know this specific example will not apply to all of you out there, but the ideas behind it are relatable, right? We have all been here at one time or another where we procrastinated too long and now have to move above mach speed to be able to get that assignment in. Well lucky for you, I have the cure for you. I call it the Avocados Dream or in other words healthy habits of school, out of personal experience.There are # reasons I am going to give you in this article so get your eyes nice and moist and prepare to read a useful article that is able to raise your grade.

First, the point I would like to start off using is the idea of organization. There are almost an infinite amount of benefits that come with organizing. When you organize what you’re  going to do it makes the process of homework go quicker than without it. Organizing your time to set aside for specifically doing homework also is a major help. From my own experience, doing this has tremendously freed up my time and pushed me into being more efficient. I know there are people already saying, I am not good whatsoever at organizing so there is no point to it, and you should just stop the article here because it is useless to me. Well I have news for you, anyone can be organized because all it takes it time and consistency. It all takes a change of mindset.

Second, you have to change your mindset about school. If you can successfully do this then school may become less of a burden,  but this is extremely difficult since there are times where it is just overwhelming. But adapting to the environment is a pro to going to school. This mindset change can go from ‘oh no, there is a test’ to ‘oh, there is a test’. To anyone that knows me, you can verify that before most tests I look nonchalant and relaxed. That is because my mindset is to work hard and organize myself. Using organization and a mindset that you are able to do anything can help prepare you for school as well as utilizing the resources given to you.

Finally, utilize the resources that are given to you. Whether it is at home or school. If something is giving you a hard time then pestering teachers will usually result in them helping you so they can get rid of the nagging student in front of them. If asking teachers for help is scary then just ask a friend or someone you know that is well versed in the subject. There are the resources there for every student to take advantage of and utilize to its fullest extent to get you the grade you care to attain.

If these become a habit before next school year then you will be more ready than you ever were before. With habit comes a powerful tool that soon will not feel as if it is abnormal to do. Also one last thing, socializing with friends is good too so make some and do not become a slave to homework yet. Everyone needs time to relax and take a vacation for their body, mind, and soul.

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