Heritage Basketball

By Joseph Duke.

As someone who has played basketball for Heritage ever since junior high, it was hard to miss the playoffs over the last two seasons. In junior high we made it to the playoffs and semi finals every year. My freshman year we made it to the second round of the playoffs. As you can tell the basketball program was successful. Shockingly, Coach Melchin decided to step down from the varsity basketball coach. Because of this Coach Gwin as we now know him was hired. Coach Gwin had been known as a very successful coach in New Mexico and Arizona. That led to players being excited for the next upcoming season. At the beginning of the new 2017-2018 season players felt ready to win some more games due to the new head coach. As the season went on, players did not buy into the system and Heritage basketball missed the playoffs for the first time in years. The basketball team won only 4 games. Because of this players became frustrated. Spirits were low and the basketball program lost the respect that students used to have for it. Furthermore, Coach Gwin and Coach Portilla decided to train us harder than we ever had been before. In the off season there were high intense drills, team bonding and many other activities that improved the players skills and chemistry; with all this hard work that was done, players were excited for the upcoming season. For the first few games it showed with the team going 5-3. That was already a better record than last year. The training players put in was now paying off. Heritage basketball was once again expected to make the playoffs. However, it did not happen. Injuries caused two starters to be out for a majority of the season. Because of these injuries, the basketball team missed the playoffs by one game. Although this was sad the coaches and players saw major improvement over one year. Again Coach Gwin and Coach Portilla are training the players harder in the off season. The team is also much closer than it had been in previous years which leads to amazing chemistry on the court. The team has been competing in an off season league and is so far undefeated through 6 games. Furthermore, with Coach Gwin bringing in two new coaches and new players, Heritage basketball seems to be heading in the right direction and  is projected to be one of the top teams next year.

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