the Perks of Heritage

By Kristen Hooton.

Because Heritage Academy is such a unique school, I find it interesting to see people’s reactions when I tell them I go there. I’ve gotten reactions from people being impressed with me for being smart enough to go there, to people saying “that’s a good school”, to people never having heard of it, to people saying “I hate that school”. Now, you may ask, why I’m I telling you these things I’ve heard, especially the negative ones? In my opinion, all the best people and things are the ones that are most controversial and often disliked. I’m not implying that our school is highly disliked; all I’m saying is that though there may be an occasional hater out there, that’s okay. That is what makes us great. If everyone loved our school, then we’d know there’s something wrong because all the best things are controversial. Once at a doctor’s appointment when I was in my uniform, a lady in the waiting room explained that her son goes to the Gateway campus, and she decided to put him there because she had heard the people there were “weirdly nice”. My dad and I laughed and agreed that was an accurate description. I love the description of Heritage staff and scholars as being “weirdly nice”. All too often, being nice is weird in the sense that it is not the normal or usual way to act. Heritage has a friendly, welcoming environment that cannot be found at many other schools. This is one of factors that makes Heritage such a unique school. The following are 5 contributing factors to making Heritage the unique school that it is

  1. Schedule- Our school is structured differently than most in regards to our A/B day schedule. There are four classes a day that are all about ninety minutes each. On Monday and Wednesday we have our four “A-day” classes that are different than our Tuesday/Thursday “B-day” classes. Personally, I love this for two reasons. 1). It allows me an extra day to do my homework. Instead of doing 6 or 7 classes worth of homework a night I am only doing four, which is good considering the amount of homework given at Heritage. 2). I am able to take eight classes instead of six or seven so I can take fun classes instead of only the classes I am required to take. This makes school more enjoyable and gives me more to look forward to.
  2. Focus- Heritage Academy’s focus on the Founding Fathers enables scholars to better appreciate our country. When we learn about all they went through for us, we can better appreciate the sacrifices they made so we can have our freedom. In addition, learning about the Founding Fathers helps shape us into the heroes they were.
  3. Classes- Offered at Heritage Academy are some of the most unique classes that can be offered in a high school. Included in these are Ballroom, Kenpo, Pilates, and Latin. These are all unique classes taught at very few other high schools. Certainly, there aren’t many schools that teach all of them, and we are lucky to have them offered at our school.
  4. Environment- The environment at Heritage is unique because of how kind everyone is to each other. There is significantly less bullying, swearing, rule-breaking, and other mischievous acts than other schools.

These four factors, along with others, are what makes our school special. Heritage Academy is a unique school that we are lucky to attend.

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