School Lunch Switch Up

By Ethan Meeker.

The “My Hot Lunch” program is a brand new system that was implemented for the school year of 2018-2019. Benefits did come from this, but there were downsides to it.                                                                                                                                                                    One of the benefits of the program is that parents now know what their kid is eating. In the old system, the parent could have given the scholar money and hope they get something good for them. The kid could end up getting a brownie and a soda. That’s  not a great lunch that growing children need. However, with the new program, it shows the options of food for the child, the parent sees these options and helps choose so the kid can get the best food for them. Another profit from the new system is the late child doesn’t get shafted. If someone was in the arts building and had to get lunch from the auditorium, food would run out. The student could get to the line late and have fewer options than earlier kids. The new arrangement always has the food the kid ordered. If the student even forgot to grab it during lunch, the office would call them up and make them eat it.

Although a lot of good comes from this new program, there are losses to it. For instance, it’s really expensive. Two dollars for a slice of pizza is a little ridiculous but the prices for some of the food in the Hot Lunch program is truly crazy. The portion sizes of the food is tiny to go along with the huge price. It’s a lot more money than buying it from the restaurant. Another downside is that with the new system, forgetful kids suffer. If a scholar forgets lunch, they have the vending machines and that’s it. There’s not even filling food in there. Cereal bars, granola bars, candy, and chips isn’t the best food to fuel students up for the rest of a school day. With the old way, they could at least go get a slice of pizza from the auditorium.

So, the question becomes, should the old way be brought back or should we keep the new way? The best solution is to modify both and bring them both back. Find a way to make the My Hot Lunches cheaper and add some food with protein and health benefits. The gas station sandwiches last a long time and are better than nothing. So is there a perfect way for Heritage Academy to do lunches? Probably not, but modifications can make lunches pretty good.

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