Redefining Professionality

By Shaylie Richards.

What defines business attire? Throughout history, men and women of corporate America have been pressured to wear slacks and dress shirts. Recently, however, businesses have begun to change their dress codes to accommodate comfort rather than only  strict professionality. Corporations that require professional dress have added options such as jeans to attempt to expand the success of their businesses. Studies have proven that once jeans have been allowed into offices and other similar institutions,  creativity, confidence, and comfort play a big role in the business’ success. The reason why this is important is that employees are able to work more effectively and come into the office stress free. How do a good pair of jeans boost that type of response? The answer is simple. If an employee is more comfortable at work, they can focus more on the task at hand rather than how they feel in clothing that they would rather not wear.

Many people are concerned that jeans are too casual. When institutions allow jeans, they follow criteria that prevents the system from looking too casual. The criteria usually consists of solid color, dark wash, non-distressed denim, with no fraying and not extremely tight. The jeans that fit this criteria can be fashionably paired with a button up or blouse and still remain very professional. If an employee has a presentation or something other than normal office tasks, they should opt to wear more traditional suit-like attire to address the special occasion. Other than these instances, they can relax in their clothing a bit more while meeting stressful business quotas.

For many years at Heritage Academy, the student body has attempted to include jeans in the dress code. The concern that this new addition to the dress code would hinder the performance of our scholars is a valid one, but real life applications of this relaxed dress standard have proven to strengthen businesses all around the country. Heritage can set their standards to still comply with the desire to remain professional. Pairing a polo adorned with the school’s beautiful logo would be a nice pair of modest navy or black jeans. The way this simple fix would change our school would be in performance. The implication of these articles of clothing would allow students to focus more on their studies instead of remaining aware that they are in something they would not consider as comfortable. Does adding jeans sacrifice professional nature for comfort? Or would they assist in reducing the stressful climate that high school is?

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