Oh It’s Great to be a Senior!

By Rhett Nyman.

We know that the seniors are at the top of the school and are given special privileges. These privileges include getting our schedules first, no citizenship, ability to walk off campus during lunch, and  senior barbecues. The senior barbecue was a tradition started last year where the seniors hold a special lunch just for themselves. In the past, it has been a potluck where each senior brings an item to share. Just this year, Heritage started sponsoring these events, which means that the amazing cook, Mr. Blau, makes the main dish. If you know anything about Mr. Blau’s cooking, you would know that the seniors are in for a real treat.

So far this year there have been two senior barbecues. At the first one, Mr. Blau cooked brats and burgers. Brats and burgers are very simple, but Mr. Blau somehow takes it above and beyond to make it wonderful. For the most recent barbecue, Mr. Blau made Carne Asada for the seniors and it was simply the best. While Mr. Blau and the faculty provide the main dish, the seniors also pitch in and bring all the sides. Seniors sign up and bring chips, condiments, soda, etc. to chip in and make it the best time for everybody.

In addition to the wonderful food, the senior barbecue is used to get info out to the seniors. Yearbook usually takes some time to talk about–all the senior ad information and when the deadlines are. Also, the Senior Class President (Savannah Brown) usually talks to everyone about events going on. She gives out all the info about the senior trip and gets everybody hyped for it. The principle also attends and uses it as a way to judge the morale of the senior class. This is great because the faculty can make announcements to just the seniors instead of the entire school. It remains more efficient.

Overall the senior barbecue is a good way for the seniors to relax and take a lunch period to bond together. In the stressful days of our seniors, it is nice to have a lunch period where the seniors can just relax. This tradition of the senior barbecue is one that Heritage should keep for many years to come, so all the seniors can enjoy and say, “Oh it’s great to be a senior.”

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