Men’s Volleyball

By Alex Rogers.

When one thinks of volleyball, the first thought is usually a bunch of girls hitting a ball around in the sand or maybe even on an indoor court. The average person would never think of professional men’s volleyball first because it has not been very popular. Other sports such as football and basketball receive all the fame and glory due to the insane amount of viewers around the world. Men’s volleyball has never been as big of a sport… until now. Studies have shown that professional men’s volleyball is the fastest growing sport in the world (Freeman). Support and recognition are increasing at a rapid rate, and many high schools are adopting men’s volleyball programs.

Four years ago, Heritage created a men’s volleyball team. Since then, we have won 2 out of 3 state championships. This year we are hoping for a third win, but it is difficult to accomplish this goal without the support of fans. The game of volleyball is all about who has more momentum and influence. The players yell cheers and taunt the other team in order to gain control over their mind. Each player needs to be athletic and well trained to win. However, the easiest winning element to change is the cheering. On the court, we yell cheers each time we get a point, such as ,”HOW STRONG? TOO STRONG!” At other times, we penalize the other teams mistakes, such as yelling, “How high’s the net? TOO HIGH!” when they hit the ball into the net. These cheers increase our momentum by making the other team angry or flustered. In the end, the team with the most momentum end up winning the game.

Along with the Hereos cheering on the court, fans can cheer for the Heroes to help them win. Having people cheering for us boosts the team morale. High morale helps us win, and winning leads to state championship number three. Like stated earlier, the team with more momentum ends up winning. If the Hero fans out cheer the opposing team, then we have more momentum. We need fans to come out and support the men’s volleyball team to lead us to another state championship.


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