The 2019 Regional Choir

By Brigham Olsen.

On January 26th of this year, two dozen choir students traveled to Desert Vista High School to compete against hundreds of other students for a coveted spot in the North Central regional choir. For each voice section (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass), only 25 could be accepted. The pressure was on for each of these students.  These intense auditions included preparing a selected solo from an approved list and performing this solo in front of a judge. After this intense judgement, these students would sight sing 40 measures of music. (Sight singing is singing a piece of music that you have never seen before. Scary right?).

You may be thinking, “This doesn’t sound too bad.”  However, the competition for the scholars was comprised of students from much larger schools such as Red Mountain and Westwood.  The odds were stacked against our singers.

I am happy to announce these results.  Out of the 26 students who auditioned from our school, 22 of them were accepted into the choir.  This means that over twenty percent of the entire regional choir were be made up of Heritage students. These talented individuals are as follows:

Ariana Rajewski, Mary DeWitt, Zoey Jones, Kayla Petersen, Elizabeth Perkins, Amalie Branch, Leah Anderson, Arden Good, Sydney Brown, Erin Bueler, Danny Schaper, Hyrum Phelps, Josh Mortensen, Jarrett Hansen, John DeWitt, Brigham Olsen, Ether Barlow, Warren Jennings, Thomas Farr, Kyden Wilson, Cooper Ross, Rhett Nyman.  

In addition, Brigham Olsen was chosen as the first chair of the bass section meaning that he received the highest score in his audition.

Each of these students were then tasked with preparing five new pieces of music in two weeks.  If a student fails to have even one of these pieces learned before the week of regionals, they will lose their place in the choir.

All of our singers were well prepared and sung to their best ability. They were instructed by Dr. Thye, a well known conductor and clinician and had the opportunity to perform a variety of songs from sweet pieces such as “Always Something Sings” and “Ad Amore” to a gospel piece titled “Go Down Moses.”  All of our scholars were grateful for the opportunity they were given and hope to participate next year.

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