Behind the Scenes: Video Announcements

By Trent Moore.

“Hello Heritage Faculty and Scholars!” This common phrase kicks off each video announcement made by McKay, Brigham, Savannah, and everyone else on the 2019 Student Council. While it may seem like it is just McKay and I running the show, it takes a whole crew and up to 3 hours to make a short announcement video. To document just how challenging it is to produce these announcements every week, I will break it down through a step-by-step process.

Step 1: The Script Writing

           This step begins with a group discussion about what we all need the student body to hear. Once we have the things that we want to be shared organized, we write an outline of what will be said. From there, we improvise the rest of the script. It can be terrifying to make up the script on the go, but in the end we make up a better scene than we ever could have written.

Step 2: The Filming

           This is by far the hardest step as we might forget our lines or we might not get the audio right. The best part of it all is the limited stress garnered from the fact that if we mess up at any time, we can always go back and retry. This step usually only requires three people (McKay, Brigham, and me).  Brigham is on camera, and McKay and I are the co-anchors.

Step 3: The Editing

           After the filming is completed, it is my sole responsibility to get the video clips cut correctly and the video completely edited. This process is done through iMovie editor, which makes editing a breeze and fun. Following the post production editing, I send the official video to Mrs. Mecham (our STUCO mom), for approval from administration. After these three steps,it is sent out and is ready for the students and faculty of Heritage Academy to enjoy.

           Throughout the whole production, we have one purpose in mind: inform Heritage about important events. These steps detail how it’s made and show you how much everyone  at STUCO cares. So tune in next time for Weekly Announcements!

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