Welcome to AP Bio

By Sarah Gordon.

One of the most helpful and interesting classes offered at Heritage Academy is the AP Biology course. This class is offered to juniors and seniors. The course is taught by Mr. Scott, who also teaches the regular biology class for freshman and sophomores. In past years, the class has had many students enroll; however, this year there are only nine students enrolled in the class. As one of those students, I want to share some of the great aspects of AP Biology. Through sharing, I can hopefully help increase the number of students that enroll in the course next fall.

    The main focus and goal of the class is to prepare students for the AP exam, which is offered at the end of the school year. Most of the class is preparation for the test and learning important parts of biology in more depth. If students choose to take the exam at the end of the year, depending on their score, they can receive up to eight college credits. However, whether or not a student decides to take the exam, the concepts learned in the class are extremely valuable, especially if the student is planning on attending college.

    Throughout the time I have spent in the class, one of my favorite things we have done is a research project. We decided as a class to do an experiment testing the cleanliness of the computer keyboards at our school. We were trying to figure out which of the two cleaners we used worked better. Together we prepared an outline and presented our experimental research plan to a “panel”, which included Mr. Scott, Mr. Bear, and Mrs. West. After getting our plan accepted we gathered two weeks of data from swabbing the keyboards and letting the bacteria grow. Doing an actual research project was very helpful and interesting because it helped us  gain an understanding of bacteria (which we were studying in class) and encouraged us to participate in a form of grad research.

    In all, the AP Bio course offered at Heritage Academy is a phenomenal class. It allows students the opportunity to increase and strengthen their understanding of biology while learning how to work in teams to execute experiments. Moreover, it allows students to receive college credits if they get a good score on the exam. Let’s get more students enrolled next year in the amazing AP Bio class!

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