The Modern Art of Movies

By Weston Jones.

Since the first movie, directors have searched for the most enticing way to capture the attention of their audiences. In its primitive state, movies had no color or sound, yet directors awed the people with their silent adventures through oceans, space, and foreign lands. Of course, at the time there was no Hollywood magic–only the director’s imagination, cheesy props, and fake scenery. Unfortunately, as technology progressed, so did people’s expectations for their shows. The people no longer wanted to watch a short clip of a man hanging from a clock, but amazing CGI effectsand stunning green screen meshing and lighting. Not only do they want crystal-clear 4K appearance, but the stories must be entrancing, so that the people fall in love with their favorite characters, and mourn their fictitious deaths and praise their farce victories. After Sebastian Stan took the role of “The Winter Soldier” AKA Bucky Barnes in Marvel’s “Captain America” series, countless fan pages centered around him, his life, his habits, his other roles as an actor, etc. His adoring fans love him and wish to meet him or talk with him. But why do we love these characters so much? How is it that movies can earn billions of dollars and sell merchandise and win the hearts of the audience? What is it that we love so much?

           Today’s American culture has some strict standards. Young adults are expected to go to college, get a respectable job, sell their old junky car and get something presentable. They are expected to get married, have a family, in essence, “Get a Life” (My Mother, on several occasions). Modern films show life-or-death action, stunts, thrills, love stories that are quite improbable, horrors which would make a grown man scream, adventures for the greatest treasures, and fame many could only wish for. It is to see these things that everyday people go to the theatre, to experience through their favorite comic or actor the feeling of pure risk, of winning it all or losing everything. Some like me think it would be the coolest thing to be in a huge car chase, evading cops, freeways getting shut down, and running away to Mexico. But the same people, myself included, realize that is incredibly irrational and has very little chance of being pulled off. For this specific fantasy there is limited chance of survival and huge chance of massive jail time. That is why directors film movies with car chases, e.g. “Fast and Furious”, “Baby Driver”, etc. It is the things that we never get to personally experience and only dream of that keep people in the movie theatres.


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