The History of Heritage

By Jaclyn Lane.

While attending Heritage Academy we usually don’t think about the history of it, and how it came to be. According to Jared Taylor, who is the son of Earl Taylor,  “Earl Taylor really liked the idea that there could be a public school that could teach strong character and love of our founders.” He wanted to make a difference for students who attended this new charter school through teaching students character, the founding fathers, what it means to be free, love of country, and a strong academic system that helps prepare students for college. In 1994, Mr. Taylor started Heritage Academy with around 20-30 families. Like many other charter schools, the founder of Heritage bought an old church building in Mesa, which was one of its oldest properties in the city.

Many scholars dread the uniform we have today, but when the school first began it had a strict dress code. Now the uniforms have become easier to come to school in. One reason for the uniforms according to Jared Taylor is to “establish a proper learning environment.” This way scholars can focus more on academics rather than clothing. It allows the students to have the best learning environment when such distractions are eliminated.

There are many things students love about Heritage, but we can all agree that having Fridays off is one of the best things. Why did Earl Taylor decide to give students and the faculty an extra day off? He wanted to have a day where the students could have time to do their homework and have a day to spend with their families. It also gives the teachers more time to prepare for the next class. 

Throughout the years, many things have changed in Heritage Academy: the number of people attending, sports program and  musicals. Starting with 20-30 families, Heritage has grown to having over 700. The school has also expanded throughout Mesa, now having two more buildings for students to learn and grow in. This helps offer more classes and provide a better learning environment for scholars. The athletics program has expanded since students had a desire to increase their athletic abilities. It has also grown through the musicals. Many areas of Heritage Academy have grown and become better, making it an environment for students to come and learn.

The dedicated scholars and teachers help grow the school we know today. Going through a school day, we never really think about how our school has come to be; we are incredibly lucky to have a school that cares about character, the founding fathers, this great country, and prepare us for college. Every aspect of Heritage Academy including dress codes, no Fridays, the location, and everything students, parents, and faculty enjoy about Heritage, has been put in place to help students have the best learning environment.  

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