Benefits of Ballroom

By KAJ Jacobs.

Ballroom Dance, one of my favorite hobbies since starting at Heritage, is a class everyone should take; however, not many see any reason to try it. Some people find it difficult, easy, boring, fun and others view it as just plain pointless. While ballroom dance may seem like just an elective at Heritage, it is lots of fun and comes with numerous benefits.

Students at Heritage join for many reasons, but the big one I found was for some fun social dancing. This includes swings, waltzes, foxtrots, and even some spicy Latin-based dances like salsa and cha cha. Luckily, Mrs. Kenney is a great teacher and loves to help anyone struggling. Additionally, other students are also willing to give tips during class when leaders rotate to different followers. This allows everyone to learn and perfect for the upcoming preformance.

Finally, after learning all semester, the ballroom program puts on a showcase. This performance shows various dances and levels of difficulty. Classes have their dances, a mini competition called “Jack and Jills,” and finally an all-ballroom dance, full of various scholars from freshman to senior with various knowledge. Although this does mean being on stage in front of people, I have found it to be fun rather than intimidating like I did first starting. This event may deter newcomers, but I encourage them to join ballroom. I never have been a person to be on stage or talking in front of a big group, but slowly, the program has made me into a more outgoing person.

Additionally, ballroom dance has been proven continually to help with mental health issues. The main one that can be slowed and even decreased is Alzheimer’s. Some cases of depression and dementia were also seen reduced after consistent ballroom dance activities. In An Observational Study on the Cognitive Effects of Ballroom Dancing Among Filipino Elderly with MCI, after dancing frequently for a fun group activity after a year most of the elderly had felt and proven improvements in their mental health. From Alzheimer’s, dementia, to even depression ballroom dance helped their well being allowing for a happy retirement.

Ballroom is a fun pastime numerous people like myself enjoy. From fun music and dating to even preserving brain capabilities when aging, ballroom is an activity all should try no matter how bad they think they are. So, for any not sure what to fill their last elective spot next semester, try ballroom and gain it’s benefits!


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