The Gift of Music

By Tyler Schmitt.

Music is a collection of vibrations travelling through the air in a certain pitch, rhythm, or arrangement. That’s a scientific definition at least. To me, music is so much more than just organized sound. Music can inspire, paint a story, and even leave hundreds in awe. A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Millennial Choir and Orchestra Christmas concert. I specifically recall my entire body being engulfed in chills when their performance reached its climax. The music was so powerful that I could literally feel my body vibrate as the three separate choirs sang from the stage and the rafters. Watching the conductor passionately interact with the orchestra and choir convinced me in that moment that there could be no better job than conducting. His energy and vivaciousness is something I will never forget.

Although being inspired by others is amazing, spreading the love of music and inspiring your friends is just as, if not more rewarding. These past two semesters, I have convinced four of my friends to take piano class with me, which is an amazing experience. Watching their growth in the class and knowing that I was part of the reason they started piano, makes me proud to be their friends. Last, but not least, I believe music’s greatest quality is its unlimited and immeasurable potential. The musical scale, created in 1000 Common Era, can be molded to fit any situation, any occasion, and do anything. In every movie, commercial, or any form of media, there is always a musical accompaniment: an epic song for an epic movie, an annoying jingle for a Geico commercial.

Music changes to fit any need. Music has undergone change after change, but it always stays relevant to human society. Its unlimited potential is accessible to anyone who puts in the time and effort to understand how it works. There is such a vast pool of different, unique music in the world that one could listen to music 24 hours a day his/her entire life, and still just barely scratch the surface. Assuming every song on Spotify is 3 minutes long, it would take roughly 171 years to listen to all of Spotify, and that’s just one music source. Having put in 8 years of learning how to play the piano, my favorite thing to do, trumping anything and everything, is sit down and create something beautiful on the piano. Even if you play music other people have written, it still can be your song. Adding your own style, your own touch, your passion and feelings to a song that you love is, for me, the most gratifying feeling one can ever have.

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