Mr. Jared Taylor: The Hidden Hero

By Sidney Taylor.

Mr. Jared Taylor is one of the many hidden heroes of Heritage Academy. Not only is he the school’s charter representative, but he is also the chairman of the governing boards and chief executive of Heritage Academy. In that role, he reports to the state and keeps the compliant documents filed and up to date, submits annual budgets to the state, and oversees all the operations of hiring and running payroll. When the school was sued, he played a major role in collecting different documents with the attorneys and helped provide evidence that the lawsuit was baseless. In the end, Heritage won definitively. An easy way to think of Mr. Taylor’s job is like the superintendent of Heritage Academy.

One of Mr. Taylor’s top priorities pertaining to his job is hiring quality teachers. When Mr. Taylor looks for a new person to hire, there are three categories he focuses on during the recruiting process. Number one is strong teaching skills. The potential candidate must have content knowledge in their subject and good experience, whether it be at other high schools or colleges. The second category is a love of America. Heritage Academy’s mission statement heavily emphasizes translating a strong appreciation of America and the principles the Founding Fathers believed to the scholars through a classroom setting. The third requirement is a love of young people. They have to genuinely enjoy being around teenagers and interacting with them everyday. In addition to these categories, Mr. Taylor looks for someone who is professional, willing to work with others, and will accept feedback.

If there was one thing Mr. Taylor could communicate to the parents and scholars, it would be to emphasize how committed the administration and faculty are to our mission statement. Our mission statement has three objectives, which are building character in the young people, helping them love our country and its founding principles and Founding Fathers, and achieving academic excellence. Mr. Taylor continuously speaks about the mission statement with the principals and department directors. He asks every teacher how they, in their specific class, deliver on the mission statement of the school. He reminds the faculty that it is not necessarily about math or dance, but it is about building character, love of our country, respect for others, and academic excellence through math and dance. The ultimate goal of Heritage Academy is, through the objectives outlined in the mission statement, to help the youth of today get a good foundation in science, math, English and writing, develop skills in the arts and athletics, and become well rounded people so they can take all their knowledge and abilities into the world and build their families and communities.

Along with hiring the teachers and managing the financial aspect of the school, Mr. Taylor works with all the principals at all the three Heritage Academy campuses. Specifically at the Mesa campus, Mr. Taylor is, right now,  working with Dr. Moore to try and find different ways to enhance the facilities, including getting a bigger weight room for the football team and athletics program. He is also looking for ways to develop more computer opportunities and to strengthen the faculty by hiring more teachers with background that enables them to teach dual enrollment.

Although many people may not know Mr. Jared Taylor, there is not one person at Heritage Academy that is not affected by the hard work and tireless effort he puts into the school. So next time you visit Heritage Academy, or travel to the art’s building, consider poking your head into his office and telling him thank you for all he does, for truly, Mr. Jared Taylor is one of the hidden heroes of Heritage Academy.

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