YOUR Student Council

By Brigham Olsen.

It’s the beginning of May in 2018.  The school year is about to end, and every student and teacher impatiently waits for summer.  However, a few students are waiting for something entirely different. These students have spent the last couple weeks campaigning and planning in order to get onto student council. Finally, the results are in:

President: McKay Osborne

Vice-President: Ether Barlow

Secretary: Jaclyn Lane

Treasurer: Trent Moore

Senior Class President: Savannah Brown

Junior Class President: Brigham Olsen

Sophomore Class President: Nick (Robie) Lund

Freshman Class President: Caitlin Freeman

8th Grade Representatives: Alex Harms and Hannah Hill

           Since the beginning of this 2018 school year, these scholars have been working tirelessly to raise school spirit and to create a more fun and school-spirit-filled environment.

This past week, I had the opportunity to meet with student council and ask them a few questions.

           What have you enjoyed the most this year in StuCo?

Ether Barlow: “Getting to be in StuCo is awesome and making lunch and dances epic is amazing!

Savannah Brown: “Getting to interrupt the government classes to tell the seniors stuff (love you, Mr. Bryson!).”

           What has been surprisingly easy this year?

McKay Osborne: “The students have been really easy to work with this year. They support all of our ideas and planning and we appreciate that a lot.

Savannah Brown: “Announcements are really easy and kind of fun!”

Ether Barlow: “Getting along with each other has been a piece of cake! We’re like one big family.”

           What has been surprisingly hard this year?

Savannah Brown: “Announcements again!”

Caitlin Freeman: “Getting ideas for activities is simple, but getting those ideas to happen is incredibly difficult.”

           What are some things students could do to make the lives of StuCo easier?

Nick Lund: “Dollars for Duds is our only fundraiser. So, the more students that participate in it, the more activities we can do.”

Alex Harms: “Listen to the announcements and read the slides. Communication between the us and the rest of the school is really important.”

           What is something you want the students to know about StuCo?

Savannah Brown: “We want to make Heritage a fun and uplifting environment, so feel free to critique us!”

Nick Lund: “We can’t always do everything the students want us to do, but we try our best.”

Brigham Olsen: “We are constantly working to make Heritage better and I can promise that there is so much more coming.”

McKay Osborne: “We want student’s ideas. After all, this is their high school experience as well. I’d much rather use the students ideas than my own.”

           This year, student council is trying its hardest to make Heritage better than it ever has been. The students in this program give up hours upon hours of their time to achieve this goal. But, they do all of this for Heritage. They do this for you.


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