Swimming With the Team

By Dustin Durfee.

Believe it or not, swimming is a social sport. On the way to the pool at Kino Junior High, the team rides in two vans. The team shares jokes and tells stories. Once we arrive at the pool, Coach Park tells us what we are doing for practice that day. Then we all jump in the pool and start swimming. Because swimming is an extremely tiring sport, I would not be able to swim as fast or far without my team. The team is excellent at encouraging each other in practice and meets. At meets, the whole team usually warms up in one lane. It can get cramped, but it’s really fun to swim together. After the warm-up, the meet starts. Each athlete is allowed to have a maximum of four races in one meet. When an athlete is swimming in an event, there is usually someone from the team standing on the deck, cheering the racer on. We have the meets so we can race, but in the down time we get to hang out.

The swim team has pasta parties and just regular parties every once in a while. At regular parties we just hang out, eat food, and talk about swimming. But pasta parties are often held the night before a meet because we eat pasta to get lots of carbs.

One of the only reasons I take swim is because I like socializing with the other kids. While swimming is social and exciting, there are times when I wonder why I take it. These days are the days when our coach makes us swim at an accelerated rate. On these days, I often think I will not able to finish the workout. I am sure there are others on the team who also do not think they can finish the work out. But when we push through and finish it, we grow closer as a team because we did something we didn’t think we could do. Afterwards, we talk about how hard it is and become stronger as a team. On the way back to school, we socialize and talk about the next meet. Shortly after we arrive, we have citizenship together. In citizenship we learn about our country and what the other team members think. Because of this half hour spent out of the pool, the team bonds together. While swimming is one of-if not the most-tiring sports, it is also one with the highest morale.


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