5 Reasons Why the Scholarly Journal is Actually Cool

By Dallin Wallace.

When scholars hear the term scholarly journal they probably think one of two things. First, they might be confused on what the scholarly journal is. Second, if they know what it is, probably think that it’s a lame thing for nerds. Well, it isn’t.

First of all, Independence, the scholarly journal, is a place where you, the scholars of Heritage Academy, can submit essays to get published into the world wide web. The journal acts as a collection of ideas, written in essays, that Heritage scholars can present to the world. In general, the journal focuses on history and politics, although there is talk of a science and math based edition coming soon.

So, why is it cool? Well…

  1. The scholarly journal allows your ideas to be shared with potential millions

The scholarly journal is published where anyone can see it. You can read it right now by clicking here. If you have any awesome ideas on history or politics you have gained through you time at Heritage (or even beforehand), this is your way to share it with the world! Although, now, the journal is limited to a handful of scholars, parents, and alumni, one day it might just be world famous and everyone could be reading those ideas!

  1. You don’t have to write specifically just for the journal

A very common way to be in the journal is by submitting your old history or English essays. If you had an awesome essay in World History or Am. Lit. just sitting around then why not submit it? All you have to do is copy, paste, and send an email. Nothing bad will happen if it gets rejected.

  1. You already know the staff

The scholarly journal is almost completely student run. This isn’t a teacher-run thing. You can support peers through the scholarly journal. You can find the current staff and positions here.

  1. You could get free stuff for just submitting an essay

The scholarly journal has an annual essay contest. For example, last year the scholarly journal gave out a prompt: America: Problems and Solutions. The top three essays submitted got  real money! If you want to earn some quick cash, why not just submit an essay?

  1. Learn what your peers are thinking

You can read past editions of the scholarly journal  at any time on the official website. There, you can hear the ideas of your classmates and find out what are they thinking. If you care about American history or politics (you should you go to Heritage) then this is an awesome place to learn more about them. Read the March edition from last year here.

I hope that by reading this article you gain an understanding of the scholarly journal and why it could mean something to you. If you are interested in the scholarly journal please check it out. You can learn what others are thinking and you can share your ideas with the school and (possibly) the entire world!  Learn more here.

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