Living A Double Life

By Parker Pratt.

With every choice comes consequences. Some may be favorable but some may be distasteful. Going into your junior year in high school, you are faced with the option to attend the East Valley Institute of Technology or EVIT. I decided to take that path.

At EVIT many of the programs offer a morning (8:05-10:35) or afternoon (12:35-3:05) schedule, each have pros and cons.

A negative outcome of attending the afternoon block is that many public schools endorse the PM timeframe. Therefore, afternoon classes are often more full than morning classes. However, a positive aspect of being in the afternoon class is attending Heritage in the morning before EVIT.

For the morning block, a downside is not being on Heritage campus for announcements. Unless you have a friend to tell you what’s going on with the school announcements, you are left out of the loop. However, it is nice to have the two and a half hour schooling block in the morning as opposed to the the middle of the day.

In addition to the positives and negatives of the individual blocks, there are more general effects as well. Because EVIT is a five day a week institution, Heritage students must give up four class periods which are usually the four electives. However, instead of taking electives that may just be a filler for the schedule or simply a fun class, EVIT students are encouraged to choose a program that matches their desired future career so it is a focused and hands-on learning experience of what that profession would be like.

As a student in the AM welding program at EVIT, a normal day usually starts with arriving to the classroom before 8:05 AM. If you get to campus early enough, at 8:03 AM, you will hear a short excerpt of a popular song and at the final bell the announcements begin. There are often not many announcements so the campus-wide broadcast does not take excessive amounts of time. At 10:35 the release bell rings and students eagerly flock to their cars and busses to return to their home or school. Once at school the Heritage sday begins, and you attend your remaining two classes for the day before school ends. For a PM student Heritage and EVIT switch places in the chronological order and times are altered for the bell schedule.

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