Heritage Academy Homecoming 2018

By Abi Menlove.

Heritage Academy Homecoming 2018 was a success!

Starting at the Homecoming Football Game on Thursday night, Heritage Heroes cheered for their classmates who were fighting for a win. Heroes were able to get their face painted in red, white, and blue, and with all sorts of designs while anticipating the outcome. Once half time arrived we were able to enjoy an amazing dance to the song “Confident” by Demi Lovato, put on by our Dance Company! Then a parade of four cars drove around the field. Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen were all represented by their peers who rode in these cars. After half time, the football team continued fighting till they decidedly won 52 to 12.  Now, everyone was ready to party at the Homecoming Dance.

Days later, 8 o’clock finally arrived on Saturday night. Student council already had everything set up for people to come and party. Walking in, people could see a fog machine to the left of them with a blinking light in it. After walking into the room with music playing, guests were able to see a table set up with all sorts of goodies. There was apple juice, water, cookies, and donuts for dancers to refresh themselves. The drinks even had fog coming off the top of them! Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, looming over the dancers in their costumes. After about 20 minutes, the room was full of people in all sorts of spooky costumes. Peter Pan, Wendy, Rey, Kylo Ren, Esmeralda, and many more were at our dance. We were all able to party the night away with the amazing music playing. People were able to go recommend music, and many recommendations were played for the crowd. About halfway through the night, the music stopped to announce who our homecoming king and queen were. Our Heritage Academy Homecoming 2018 King and Queen were Clayton Anderson and Danielle Osborne. After their dance together, the party kept roaring.  

Towards the end of the dance, a few kids created commotion by knocking over a glass centerpiece. Because it was near Halloween, one kid was sitting under a table, with his face covered in fake blood, trying to scare other people. One girl who saw the person under the table was so scared she grabbed at anything she could find. While accidentally grabbing a tablecloth, the girl stepped back to get away from the terrifying sight. This caused the glass centerpiece to fall to the ground and shatter. Thanks to our swift student council, the glass was quickly cleaned up so people could continue dancing.

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