An Inside Look at Choir Council

By Kayla Petersen.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the choir program? Who plans events?  Mr. Rakita has put together an incredible program called the Choir Council. So, what is choir council?

Choir Council was put together 2 years ago by Mr. Rakita. It consists of students with certain jobs that Mr. Rakita has chosen.  For each choir, there is a President, Vice President, Morale Officer, and a Librarian. You can probably guess what the President and the Vice President do. They are there to take charge when Mr. Rakita is gone or whenever he needs assistance.  Lovingly, choir council unites the choir and makes sure that everyone feels important and involved. The presidents currently are Ether Barlow, Jared Cooper, Aerian Rainwater, and Kristen Hooten. The vice presidents are Thomas Farr, Isaiah Valverde, Zoey Jones, and Bailey Blundell.  

The morale officers are there to decorate the choir room and comfort any choir members going through hard times.  They are currently Yvette Orton, Gavin Uptain, and Kelsey Shepherd.

Librarians are in charge of organizing each choir’s music and assisting with the returning of the music each quarter.  They currently are Kayla Petersen, Rachel Hooten, and Alyssa Turley.

There are only two jobs that cover the choir program as a whole, and those are the project manager and the public relations officer.  The project manager exists to make sure that everyone’s calendars are up to date and organizes the events that the whole choir program is a part of.  The project manager for this year is Breanna Eldredge. The public relations officer is in charge of advertising for anything the choir program puts on or is involved in.  The public relations officer is currently Leah Anderson.

Choir Council plans, decorates, and helps in any way they can.  Recently, when Mr. Rakita ran the ACE festival, Choir Council was there to volunteer and help.  The ACE festival is an event that choirs from all over the state come to to be rated and judged.  This year it was held on November 1st and 2nd. Mr Rakita is in charge of running the ACE festival in Arizona for the next couple years.  Some Choir Council members spent over 24 hours helping with the ACE festival.

The council also helped with cooking, decorating, and serving in the Renaissance Feast.  The Renaissance Feast was a show that featured the highest choir, the Chamber Singers. Delicious food cooked by Mr. Blau was provided as well as a concert and a show by the Chamber Singers.  Happily, Choir Council members worked as servers, cooks, and decorators for the feast.

Overall, Choir Council is there to love and be examples to everyone.  It is a great way to be a leader. Generally, Choir Council meets every Wednesday in the choir room to come up with ideas to help everyone feel loved and wanted.  If you are in choir and want a chance to be a leader, you should put your applications in at the end of the year!

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