By Ethan Meeker.

Everyone knows that he football and volleyball teams will gain victories for Heritage Academy, but not all extracurricular activities favor strength; instead, they favor science, technology, engineering, artistics, and mathematics. The Heritage STEAM program has brought back many trophies to the school.

The team consists of twenty-one members who each bring different skills to the table. Some can create functioning robots that have parts and claws, while others have knowledge of coding so robots can function, and still more can build fascinating creations that are unique and original. All these people and skills combine make an amazing S.T.E.A.M team that dominates competition.

In the two robotics competitions that have happened this semester, Heritage has been victorious. The first competition was planned to be a fast robot driving race, but the goal at task changed. The day of the competition, the team was told that the new task was to make a robot that could either climb or travel five feet, but it had to look like an animal. The quick-thinking team scrapped the old racing idea and got to work. Two functioning animal robots were created in the space of two hours. One was a stiff insect-like creature that walked high but was unbalanced, and the other robot was a seal type animal that wiggled around but would fall forward easily. The team went with the seal robot for the competition. Heritage trumped the competition by completing both tasks with the seal bot and was able to score enough points to win first place.

The next challenge on a later date was to make a structure that could represent Arizona. The cactus and old western were obvious choices to do but that was the problem– they were cliche. The S.T.E.A.M. team decided to pull out a wild card and build a bunch of Circle K structures. When it came time to judge the creations, they called it a draw. They could not decide so both teams got first place. The cactus was more Arizona than Circle K, but Circle K was just so unique that it had to be given praise. With the Heritage S.T.E.A.M. team on fire and improving every day with more competitions being planned, it may just be a good year for the Heritage trophy case.

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