Get Lean the Clean Way

By Juan Martinez.

It’s 2018, and everybody wants to live the best life they can. We see it everywhere; healthy lifestyles are glorified in the posts of celebrities that we adore. You see it in the advertisements of products that claim they will help you reach the optimal frame. As a result, people begin to set goals for themselves to ensure that they will acquire their perfect physique and attain a hearty lifestyle. A majority of those who will carry out their journey will perform some method of physical activity and change their diet to be nutritious. However, as people begin to participate in physical activity, there are certain habits that have been proven harmful. A few of these habits include using bad form when weight lighting and not giving yourself time to rest.

Bad form

Performing exercise with bad form is extremely dangerous, and it can lead to serious injury. Lifting heavy weight is not always the solution to help you gain your ideal body. Going for a new personal record on a lift can lead to you blowing out your knees or other parts of your body. Consequently, you will be in a great deal of pain, and you will be forced to sit out for a certain period of time. Therefore, your progress will be brought to a halt. In addition, practicing with proper form will ensure that you target the specific muscle that you want to work on and will lead to the best results possible.

Not Resting

After a serious workout, it is essential for you to rest and to restrain from working out the general area you targeted. Constantly working out one area will lead to muscle fatigue and other conditions. Muscle fatigue is caused by a continuous movement of an area, and it leads to your muscles feeling tired and weaker. Fortunately, muscle fatigue is not serious and is easily treatable. Kiara Anthony states, “ In many cases, your muscle fatigue will improve with rest and recovery. Staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet can also improve your recovery time” (Anthony). Ultimately, it is vital for you to allow your body to rest in order for your muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

In the end, it is extremely important for you to carry out your goals and to achieve them, and ensuring that you do everything properly is crucial. In the case of obtaining the ‘perfect body’ according to one’s own desires, performing everything properly can evidently be the difference between serious painful injury and satisfying results. However, like everything in life, the results you crave will not be given to you. Dedication and determination are key components when striving to obtain whatever goal you have set out for yourself. Without determination, it is impossible to find the strength to motivate yourself and progress further. Likewise, without dedication, the determination would essentially be pointless, as you will only resort to giving up. Finally, as one works to advance in the area of a healthy lifestyle it is critical to understand that little errors may bring your progress to a halt.

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