A Sense of Unity

By Shaylie Richards.

When considering scholastic effectiveness, it is important to be mindful of stress in conjunction with the obvious social aspects of schooling. During standard classes the main focus of a teacher is meeting standards and ultimately assisting students in the subject they are responsible for teaching.  Besides providing necessary knowledge, how can students and teachers establish an effective environment that encompasses students’ interests, learning opportunities, and social representation?

Through many national studies, it has been proven that school clubs can be highly motivating and enriching for the students who are tired, stressed, and struggling with everyday troubles. The criteria and process for creating a clubs at Heritage is simple. The two main things that scholars need in order to create a club are a teacher sponsor and an idea. A teacher sponsor is present during meetings to ensure scholars not only respect and uphold proper conduct, but also ensure their students get assistance with the subject matter as needed. The goal is to ensure a beneficial atmosphere for all parties involved. With a chosen and willing sponsor, the idea behind the club is then conveyed by your sponsor to either Dr. Moore or Ms. Seaman for approval to start meetings.

The idea has to include principles from a class that can range from skills such as logic, music, literature, politics, and other associated skills that are included in typical school subjects. Upon first impression, this sounds a little restrictive; however, the options are not limited. For example, typical clubs that come to mind are Speech and Debate, Chess, and Steam Club, but those are only a few that can pertain to education. When considering schooling, many do not consider video games to fall under those same categories as chess or stem based clubs would, but it actually does as gaming includes risk assessment and application. It falls under the appropriate parameters for Heritage standards and has actually been approved in the past. With this being said,  having valid points on how your topic can provide learning in some aspect will almost guarantee its success. From then, it is simple to have your topic approved and club started. After just two simple steps you and your peers can begin meeting and discussing what you thoroughly enjoy all while decompressing from the everyday stress all high school students have, therefore, elevating, enriching and making high school a little more bearable in the process.

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