Tour de Class

By Andy Garcia.

“It’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air” (Dr. Seuss). Every year at Heritage Academy, there are various tours available for students of all grade levels in which they travel to and learn about different areas of the country with their fellow classmates. From science to history, Heritage offers numerous subject-specific tours that help broaden a student’s understanding of the world around them. Additionally, those in performing arts are given the exciting opportunity to travel to places such as Hawaii and California, where they compete alongside other schools for the highest ranking. Those scholars are able to advance their musical talents in a competitive setting. Many students, including myself, view these tours as an opportunity to get away from school for a while and visit somewhere new.

Travelling to areas like San Francisco and Philadelphia, scholars are able to learn hands-on about the science and history of such places. On the tours, students go to different cities and sites to witness the areas that they are constantly being taught about. They travel to different locations, many times not knowing what to expect, where they can meet new people, freely roam through various famous and historic sites, and create amazing experiences. They are also allowed a break from their studies as they enjoy the numerous venues on the tours. They are able to experience things first-hand rather than read about them in textbooks.  Students can leave behind the atmosphere of a classroom as they learn without the restraint of grades and points. These tours allow students to learn about things for themselves while they enjoy their time away from home.

While a majority of what a student learns occurs at school, tours offer unique experiences not commonly found in a classroom setting. Students can escape the stressful atmosphere of the classroom and replace it with the freeing air of locations such as the Grand Canyon. The tours promote learning in a more open space that contain fewer boundaries than what a classroom offers. Above all, Heritage’s tours present unique opportunities not commonly found at other schools.

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