The Unspoken Hero

By Jaclyn Lane.

Have you ever noticed how much work is put into Heritage Academy? I didn’t realize how much dedication it took to give the scholars a memorable educational experience until I started working at Heritage over the summer alongside Mr. Renard and a few other students.

Previously, I went to school each day without noticing all the effort put into preserving the historic building. Before the long-awaited summer started, I was given the option to work at the school over the break. The more I worked, the more I learned how much effort is put into the school. I started noticing what Mr. Renard goes through each day without much credit. Each day he puts around ten hours of hard dedicated work into helping the school. He does a variety of different jobs from whitewashing the walls to redoing the drainage systems. 

While working over the summer, I was able to see everything he actually does after school hours. I would sometimes work with him painting the walls of each classroom.  The other scholars and I either cleaned classrooms or bathrooms while Mr. Renard was fixing something beyond our skill level. Teachers of Heritage can make a list of what needs fixing in their room, anything from fixing a desk to painting the room. However, Mr. Renard doesn’t stop there. Many classrooms he fixes are to help the teacher without having them ask him. He would find something that could be improved and he would fix it. He would say that even though they didn’t ask for it to be fixed it should be done because of all the work the teachers put into the school. He does it to give back to the teachers. Mr. Renard has shown so much love and dedication to Heritage.

Since Mr. Renard has done so much for this school, is there anything we can do for him? To start off, We can pick up pieces of trash we see around the campus or help clean the classrooms at the end of the day. We can be more respectful of our surroundings and of each other. Small things can help Mr. Renard’s job a little easier. Mr. Renard has so many talents to be able to help Heritage prosper and he does this without much recognition. Mr. Renard should not go unnoticed. He is an example of what a true Heritage Hero looks like: dedicated, resourceful, patient, and kind. If you see him in the halls, remember to say “hello” and thank him for all the work he does.

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