The Hot Topic

By Noelle Gardner.

Presently, Heritage Academy has scholars with plenty of opinions on how the school is run. No one is to say these opinions are irrational, especially for a teenage student. Discussions range from all topics, but an often recurring one is uniforms. Obviously, a uniform school would have students with opinions on the matter, and those can range from all or nothing to color changes or style tweaks.

Some argue that uniforms should be done away entirely so that students may express themselves however they would like. The other is the belief that things are better off the way they currently are, with red, white and navy polos and navy or khaki pants.

Here are some other opinions: “The colors we have aren’t good for people,” one student claimed, “Also, you can’t tell how old anyone is. We should ban khaki, because it’s an awful color. The uniforms equalize people because you can’t judge them for bad fashion sense, but at the same time you can’t make friends because [you like their clothes].” Another student argued,“lots of friends I have now, at this school, I might not have wanted to talk to if I’d known they dressed so differently from me. I don’t really like the colors, but I think the idea of uniforms really helps bring people together.”Students who see some value in uniforms seem to agree that they help erase some boundaries that exist in other schools over fashion and cliques. Yet they also seem to believe that if a uniform is to exist, khaki and navy may not be the most flattering colors. 

The general consensus seems to be that uniforms can stay, but the student population wishes for an updated style. The uniforms haven’t changed much over the years, but students seem to hope that if they continue to push, something may just shift. An activity once had during lunch was allowing students to write down what they would change about Heritage. Most students discussed some of the topics casually, but a large amount of students seemed to have requested a uniform change.

“After all the ways faculty let us argue our opinions and claim to validate them, I wonder when they’ll address the fact that a lot of people don’t seem to like the uniforms right now. I at least want to know WHY they don’t change them at all,” another said, wanting  the topic at least addressed at some point. Still, most students doubt that may happen in their time here.

The scholars of Heritage Academy will always debate and discuss the differences between their school and others. Not every student can recall their days at a non-uniform school, and they seem to want a taste of something different, especially when it comes to expressing their individuality. Though today’s scholars may not get to experience a uniform change in their time at the school, they can hope their opinions may be considered for future generations. Until then, they continue to express themselves through jackets, shoes, and backpacks.

A final student said “Heritage is a charter school, and it’s very different because of the whole atmosphere that’s present there. The people are much nicer than most, and a ton more people would judge and ignore others because of what they wear. I like the uniforms because they make us stand out from other schools.”

Who knows, in the end, uniforms may unite students more than anything else.

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