Mrs. Sherman, a Life Sketch

By Jarett Hansen.

In the English department, there is a new face to be seen: Mrs. Sherman. Although not many know about her, she is a fascinating person with a depth and breadth of history.

Mrs. Sherman was born in 1977 in San Diego, California. When she was three, her family moved to Virginia. She remembers sitting on her father’s shoulder, watching in the cold morning air as Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. After living for two years in Virginia, she traveled to Arizona when she was five. She soon learned that she should not play with fireworks; while playing with fireworks with her brother, one exploded in her hand, burning it. She lost some of her fingertips as a result.

For college, Mrs. Sherman attended ASU and had absolutely no clue as to what she should major in. She tried out five different areas and was starting to lean towards the sciences until she took a Shakespeare class. As she took the class, the thought: “This is where I should be” passed through her mind. She had always loved literature, and she decided to take an English major accordingly. She obtained her bachelor’s and her master’s in English. For part of her studies, she traveled abroad to England to study at Cambridge. Between classes, Mrs. Sherman was able to tour all over the United Kingdom, study with various professors, and even visit Edinburgh in Scotland. She especially loved Edinburgh Castle. Throughout the entire building, there were architectural structures and plants of exceptional beauty. She came back to the United States and finished earning her degrees, though nothing would compare with this experience of going to one of the top universities in the world.

After college, she took on multiple jobs, among these being a technical writer, a copywriter, and an English teacher. When she was a technical writer, she met and worked with her future husband, who was a programmer. They got married. After working fifteen years as a technical writer and copywriter, she turned to teaching as a career. Because of its reputation and her mother’s job here, Mrs. Sherman decided to become an English instructor at Heritage. She finds teaching “endlessly fascinating” and loves interacting with the students. She has two hopes for the future of her students: to instill a love of literature in her students and to assist them  in thriving in a strong learning environment.


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