Dance Company

By Alayna Lavender.

At the end of second semester last year I auditioned for the Heritage Academy’s dance company. While my heart raced, I was determined to make it in. It has always been a dream of mine to become a skilled dancer. Finally, I had such an amazing opportunity to learn and grow with those around me who were striving for the same goal. Anticipating the names to be called in school, the news finally came. I, as well as a few of my friends, had been accepted into dance company for the following year. I could not wait for what the future would hold and the learning experiences I would face.

Dancing has always been a part of my life and I would never be complete without it. It helps me in so many ways, some that I can’t even imagine possible. It helps me break free from what’s holding me back and brings me a new found confidence as I perform and share my love for dance. I have learned to use it to detach from the world around me as I can become enveloped in the movement. It is also a way to cope with hardships and express my feelings.

Through the daily exercises and warm-ups Mrs. May leads to the countless pieces of choreography she teaches to us, we are able to radiate energy from each other. I have developed so many close friendships from being in dance company and have received countless opportunities to go on tours and have more experiences outside of the classroom. These include end-of-semester dance concerts, performing at sport events, traveling to different states, and even participating in workshops in the area. I have learned numerous new ways to cooperate and collaborate with those around me, therefore, teaching me skills to apply in the future.

From what I have experienced so far, I cannot wait for the rest of the years to participate in dance company with such an incredible team and instructor. I cannot ask for a better class to be enrolled in at Heritage Academy. I hope to inform our scholars of the opportunities dance company has lying in Mrs. May’s hands, as well as our own, to shape it into something extraordinary. Dance continues to grow at Heritage Academy and supports those participating in sharing their own unique talents and abilities with fellow scholars.

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