The Creation of Pep Band: A School Spirit Upgrade

By Hannah Allred.

The band program kicked off the 2018-2019 school year with the formation of a brand new school band. “Pep Band” began holding rehearsals on August 13th and has continued from that day on, meeting at seven o’clock in the morning every day to practice their covers of popular rock songs. The seven members, Kenna Despain on drums, Hannah Allred on keyboard, Garett Campos, Oziel Fragoso, and Cole Maxson on guitar, Samantha Lint and Blake Campos on bass, and Kaeden Blau and Sam Bennett as other miscellaneous instruments. It was organized by Mr. Kerwin Blau, the Heritage Academy band teacher. Being the band’s sponsoring staff member, he oversees the band and makes sure that the group is on task and that all the necessary tools are provided. The main genre of music played by the band is Classic Rock, having been inspired by Metallica, The Beatles, and Van Halen.

The Pep Band is currently working on creating a more noteworthy band name, with many good and viable options such as “Circa 2018,” “Life is Better,” and “An Actual Trainwreck.” Their practices, however, are always so focused on the music that they do not have enough time to finalize a decision on their name, let alone even discuss one. So they continue to go by the name Pep Band until further notice.

Their first public performance was on the fifth of September, where they performed for the students during Junior and Senior lunch to get everyone excited for the first football home game later that night. Their playlist included “7 Nation Army” by the The White “Stripes, Uprising” by Muse, and two songs by Queen: the popular hits “Another One Bites the Dust” and “We Will Rock You.”

Pep Band is going to be playing at every home game for football, basketball, and a few other Heritage Academy sports. The band was planning on playing for the first two football home games, but unfortunately, the games were cancelled. Since then, Pep Band has been expanding their repertoire with more songs like “Immigrant Song” by Van Halen, “Come Together” by The Beatles, and “Blister in the Sun” by Violent Femmes.

At the Band Concert on September 25th, Pep Band will be performing some of their best songs. Pep Band is very excited to showcase their hard work on these songs at their performances.

The members of Pep Band are always welcoming new members to their group, hoping to expand their numbers. Everyone is excited to see more performances of Pep Band. The Pep Band is bringing a new vibe to Heritage Academy and it’s bound to become a big influence in students’ lives as their music brings spirit to the school.

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