The Beauty of Art

By Natalie Burnett.

Throughout history, we have clung to memories and experience. Heritage Academy is a place where we learn about our heritage and prepare for the future. The events we learn about are saved in writing, but, just as importantly, they are preserved in drawings. Art is something everyone can relate to. As an artist, I have come to realize that the hardest part about drawing is finding a subject that incorporates a unique perspective, intricate beauty, and emotions.

Fredric Frank conveyed, “Drawing is the discipline by which I constantly rediscover the world. I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have never really seen, and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realize how extraordinary it is, sheer miracle.” When a masterpiece is to be created, the artist must contemplate a three dimensional object and recreate it on a two dimensional canvas. With this limitation, an artist can only portray one perspective. To entice the observer, the frame of reference must be unique.  A new perspective turns everyday objects into an enticing picture that provokes thought and reflection. Just outside the ballroom, multipurpose room, hangs a painting of General Washington. Next time you pass this picture, stop and contemplate this perspective of The Father of our country.

Memory is tied with emotion, and art is coated in color. Colors in paintings reflect the emotions highlighting the beauty therein. Like a mother with her new born child to the horror of war and bloodshed, each pulls at the emotions of the observer. Paintings that are bright and alive with color bring to mind happy memories of days gone by. In a novel, an author may use mood, but an artist applies various hues.  Emotions ties us together. Everyone can relate to joy, peace, or betrayal. A picture can combine emotions that speak to an audience’s heart and soul. We impart with art. A world with only words could not describe the beauty of a picture. Art communicates where words cannot.

Though I love art,  I cherish the connection found with others through art. I struggle to capture a unique perspective, but when the color and perspective capture the emotion the result is amazing. As I draw, I put much time and effort  into my art. I hesitate to sell my art but give away some to those who connect too and love them more than I do. Pictures complete our history and link us together, as well as outline our future. Art is beautiful.

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