The Beat of his Trombone: A Glimpse of Mr. Blau

By Julie Day-Gomez.

In the music department at Heritage you will find Mr. Kerwin Blau. He may seem like just another teacher, but he is extraordinary. After having him as a band instructor and getting to know him, I have found Mr. Blau to be one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever had. He is loving, kind, and understanding. As he puts others before himself, students come to love and appreciate having such an amazing teacher to help guide them.

Mr. Blau enjoys working at Heritage with the students every day. He was born less than half a mile away from the school. The Benedictine University used to be a hospital–the one Mr. Blau was born in. Growing up, he lived in a house that he helped his father build. His older brother passed away, but he still had 3 older sisters and a younger brother. Three of those five kids actually chose music teachers as their profession. The brother and sister who chose differently ended up becoming a lawyer and a rocket scientist. The family Mr. Blau has now consists of a wife and four children. They were married in 1991 and his oldest has been married for two years now. In addition to loving his wife and spending time with his family, Mr. Blau loves to make really good food, read, and relax.

When asked what his favorite lesson he learned in high school was,  he said, “What comes around goes around.” When we are kind to those around us, that kindness eventually finds its way back to us. Mr. Blau is understanding and very kind. He is living what he has learned throughout his life and setting a good example for all of his students. Not only being an excellent teacher but also a genuine person, Mr. Blau affects those around him every day. Personally, I have been touched many times by his love and respect for others. It can be difficult to find someone as superb as Mr Blau. He considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be the fact that he is still in contact with some of his students from years ago. He freely loves and forgives. Having a pure soul, Mr. Blau is one of the best people to have around when one needs to feel needed and encouraged.

Grant Wolf, Phil Hatler, James Herdly. These are names of people who have one way or another influenced Mr. Blau. All being his teachers, they taught and helped him. Exactly like he said, what comes around goes around. Paying it forward, Mr. Blau is influencing people around him all the time. Mr. Blau said that when he was younger he wanted to be successful and is still working towards that goal. I think he has reached it. Being a good teacher is something great and successful in itself, but being a good person and genuine friend is one of the greatest things you can ever achieve.

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