Say Hello to the Heritage Harmonix

By Thomas Farr.

In the early twentieth century, barbershop quartets were the rockstars of their era. While this style of music is still around today, its popularity has greatly diminished. Barbershop singing needs to be reintroduced to the general public and the new Heritage Academy Barbershop Quartet, going by the name “The Heritage Harmonix,” are on a mission to bring barbershop music’s close harmonies back into style.

After the success of the barbershop quartet in Heritage Academy’s production of The Music Man, our visionary choir director, Mr. Rakita, decided it was high time for an official Heritage Academy quartet. On Thursday, August 23rd a group of talented male singers were gathered together with one purpose: to find the four who would represent Heritage Academy on the barbershop stage.

I was one of the participants, and the experience was more than memorable. As part of the audition process, we each prepared an excerpt from the classic barbershop song, “Hello Mary Lou,” in our respective parts: Bass, Baritone, Lead, and Tenor. Listening to all four parts of this outstanding arrangement for the first time with a group of talented singers around me was an experience I will never forget. The room was filled with beautiful harmonies as we sang through the song. It was a thrilling experience.

After we practiced and performed this song, Mr. Rakita taught us a “tag.” As he listened, he searched for those of us who would fit well in this new group. After more than an hour of singing the stunning harmonies, Mr. Rakita stepped outside in order to decide who would be the four new members of The Heritage Harmonix. These were the results:

Bass: Brigham Olsen. Baritone: Thomas Farr. Lead: Hayden Biggs. Tenor: Jarett Hansen.

The four of us are all ecstatic to have been chosen for this outstanding quartet. We have been working hard so that we can represent Heritage Academy to the best of our ability. We all have a passion for barbershop music and are excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on.

The Heritage Harmonix are prepared to help bring barbershop to the forefront. We plan to work until we are prepared to compete against other quartets and make our mark in the world of barbershop singing. The four of us are grateful for this rare opportunity and cannot wait to showcase our skill.

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