Lunch Club

By Ethan Csader.

Recently I was told about a kindergartener that has a physical disorder. Generally, kindergarten is a time when children look forward to making friends. Sadly, when this innocent little boy went and sat down with his classmates during lunch, they all moved away from him. This little boy went home crying because no one wanted to be his friend.

This is just one example of social discrimination – and it takes place in elementary school! There are multitudes of high schoolers who experience the same thing day after day. Some students are just anti-social and they would rather sit alone, but the majority of people – especially teens – want to feel wanted. People are neglected because others perceive them as weird, ugly, shy, unfriendly, or simply because they are the new kid. I personally have experienced this myself. I came to Mesa Heritage Academy my sophomore year and everyone had their own cliques from freshman year. I was home schooled before attending Heritage, and therefore my social skills were underdeveloped and I felt insecure about myself. I slowly began to befriend other teens, but it took longer than I had wanted it to. This is an experience I would like to prevent from happening to other teens.

This year will be difficult for those who are new, those who want social status, and those who feel insecure or unwanted. No one should go through high school without making a life-long friend. Empathetic about the kindergarten story, Algebra 2 teacher, Mrs. Jarman, along with several students came up with the idea of starting the “Lunch Club” where students go out and invite kids who are sitting alone to join us in Room 2. The Lunch Club gathers every Wednesday during the high school lunch period. Although there is no lunch provided, students are free to bring food for themselves or to share.

If you are the scholar who sits alone during lunch, I want to invite you to join us on Wednesdays in Room 2 so that we can get to know who you are! Our goal is to express human kindness by extending an invitation to those who are too shy to take the first step.  We hope to see you at the Lunch Club!

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