Kickoff to the Championship Season

By Sebastian Acevedo.

With a new school year comes a new season of Heritage Football. As the first game of the 2018 season began, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and hope for what the season would bring to the table. When the sound of the first whistle blew in the air, people from both sides began cheering on their team, each wishing to triumph over the other.

Starting off the game strong, our Heroes show their months of grueling practice by scoring twice in the first half of the game, while the other team scored only once, which poses a question. Does this year’s team have what it takes to get the championship? From my perspective, I saw the potential for a championship but also the strife and effort put into the game by both teams, not only ours. Seeing this told me an obvious truth: that the game was going to be decided by whomever made fewer mistakes.

Either our heroes underestimated their opponents or the opposition stepped up their game. Our football team wasn’t able to score once and their side was filled with errors of their own doing, whereas the opponents seemingly fixed most of their mistakes. Heritage allowed the other team to score not only once but twice with the addition of extra points for two point conversions. Leaving our team in a score deficit, as well as the many errors, affected the outcome of this game. To put it simply, the other team made fewer mistakes, thus resulting in a crushing defeat.

During the game, the crowd was still cheering and hoping for a miracle that never occurred. The outcome of the game changed the answer to my original question: our heroes can get to the championship if they work harder than ever before.

As a football player myself, I know that there are only two things in the way of reaching that goal: mental errors and the other team. I asked the head coach of the team, Coach Portilla, who is an  previous NFL player, what his expectations were for the team and season to come. His response was that they would obviously try to go all the way to a championship but first focus on getting into the playoffs and winning that. Additionally, Coach Portilla mentioned the need for finding a quarterback for the team since both of the main quarterbacks were out for the game (resulting in another disadvantage). Our Heroes can go to the championship, but they will need to put in a tremendous effort and feel supported by the entire school.


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