Committed Choir Members

By Breanna Eldredge.

Music at Heritage Academy is a  large part of the scholars’ education. Choir is the most popular of these musical programs. There are seven choirs in total: Seventh Grade Women’s Choir, Seventh Grade Men’s choir, Women’s Choral, Men’s Choral, with the top three being Advanced Women’s choir, Concert choir, and the Chamber Singers. Only select students decide to be in multiple choirs; however, even fewer decide to be in three choirs. These special students are Leah Anderson, Zoey Jones, and KT McCain.

I interviewed these girls about their experiences in the three choirs and how they deal with all the stress. In total, I asked them five questions.

How do you deal with the stress of being in three choirs?

Leah said, “If I start feeling overwhelmed with the workload, I put on my favorite artists, (I recommend Tori Kelly, Us The Duo, or even good old Pentatonix) and blast some bops while dancing around my room.”

KT replied, “Memorizing 12-15 songs is hard but it’s also worth it when you get to make beautiful music with amazing people every day :)”

Finally Zoey said, “Choir is my time to be myself and feel at home, so I’m not really stressed out by being in three choirs. Singing, reading music, etc, is something I absolutely love doing and it just comes naturally.”

Which choir do you feel is the most difficult?

To this they all answered the Chamber Singers.

How do you manage to memorize all the songs?

Leah answered, “It becomes muscle memory when you sing any song. I’ve caught myself singing songs I forgot I even knew the words or melody to. I always have a song in my head; my friends can attest to that!”

KT responded by saying she has a photographic memory which makes it quite easy for her.

Zoey said she also doesn’t have much trouble memorizing the music.

How do you juggle school work and choir?

Leah said that she uses choir as a break from her school work.

KT said she looks at her work and decides which is most important at the moment then decides off that.

Zoey believes that school work generally should come first.

Anything else we should know about you being in three choirs?

Leah suggested, “If you get the chance to participate in more than one choir, DO IT!! The perspectives you find are so inspiring, and the music changes you as a person.”

KT said, “You are in choir because you choose to be, which is why we have such great sound. Everyone there is so committed.”

Zoey added, “Being in all three choirs is a great way for me to meet lots of new people and see how each choir becomes a family. I feel very loved and wanted in choir. It’s just an amazing environment.”

Choir is a very fun, yet draining class and lifestyle to join. In my opinion, choir is tied for my first favorite class. To all those wondering if they should join, I invite you to try it out to see if you like it.  With these three girls’ inputs, it makes me want to try harder to make it into more than one choir for next year.

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