Brainstorm, Design, and Submit

By Dulce Altamirano.

Although yearbook is a class full of deadlines and stress, it’s also a fun class where students can brainstorm ideas and create unique pages throughout the school year. Heritage scholars are given the opportunity to be creative, as well as passionate, and design a yearbook. In other public schools, either the yearbook teacher or editor-in-chief gets to choose the theme and design the templates; meanwhile, the students only take pictures and then place them on the pages. Here at Heritage, Mrs. Melchin allows students to demonstrate their individual abilities in customizing their own pages.

The first few weeks after school starts, scholars brainstorm ideas for the theme. Once the whole class approves and likes the theme, the class begins to design pages for upcoming events at school. After designing pages and reviewing them before the deadlines, Mrs. Melchin then submits them to the yearbook program. Each student feels satisfied because of the hard work they put into their page, after having Mrs. Melchin submit it. When there are class reviews, scholars begin to get nervous because they think others may not like their page. Class reviews seriously become intimidating, but after a few months of reviewing pages, the class begins to come out of their comfort zone and think positively.

As well as enjoying the class, students meet new people and then later become close friends. “Being able to get creative with my best friend is always amusing,” Tayjia Pacheco stated. Sometimes scholars don’t have ideas for a page, so when working with someone else, they begin to develop ideas together. Thankfully this year, the yearbook class increased to twice as big as last year. Now they won’t be as stressed since there won’t be a lot of deadlines they’ll have to meet. For four years, the Heritage yearbook has won the National Yearbook award. This award goes out to the best yearbooks created throughout the whole U.S.

The class is working extremely hard and putting all the effort they have, so the Heritage yearbook wins its fifth national award. As years pass by, scholars learn and develop their skills, becoming great yearbook designers. Yearbook has taught them to stand out and think outside of the box. Heritage will have to wait another seven months for an epic yearbook that these passionate students will create.

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