The Future of Heritage

By Oaklee Wilkinson. This year’s graduating class of 2018 has watched as Heritage Academy has grown. In 2012, Heritage Academy only had one running campus. That next coming year, another campus opened. Following that, a third campus. This created a larger and more diverse family of Heritage Heroes.

The Mesa campus continued to grow as we added and updated classrooms and facilities and bought what is now the arts building. And let’s not forget those wonderful double glass doors leading to the lobby! Good-bye traffic!!

Heritage Academy is an ever-growing school and family. Upcoming changes occurring in our school will only better the scholars and the employees of Heritage Academy now and in the future.

In an interview with Dr. Moore, he began by stating that “We are on a good path moving forward in general…” Concerning academics, the school and Dr. Moore are excited to partner up with Benedictine University and make it easier for students to attend private colleges. This partnership is going to especially focus on dual enrollment and creating a new way for high school students to shave off time at college. Through this program, Heritage students will also be able to receive special scholarships. Overall the main goal and path for future Heritage students, as Dr. Moore states, is to  “keep the student body strong, enrich the arts program and improve on the athletic program.”

The arts program has received exciting news as the school will be occupying the rest of the arts building next year. This will create more room for art classes such as dance, which has also expanded over the past six years.

Concerning the athletics department, administration intends to better the program and give focus to those sports that need more boost and support. Our school’s football program is still sore from losing Pete Roberts, a beloved coach who served at Heritage for many years. Dr. Moore ensures the program will continue to grow and become better under the direction of  Spencer Bowers, who began the football program at Heritage.

The school is welcoming new faculty in the upcoming year in math and English. Dr. Moore is certain of the success they will have at the school.

Heritage is still a school that stands strong; it still teaches strong moral character, and gives students the best education for life after high school. This school will only fail if we give up on it. Stand strong Heroes.

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