The Hero and the Gorilla

By Nate Semadeni. High School students are screaming at the top of their lungs! Why? Because their fearless mascot just came out of nowhere and started break dancing!

Each mascot for the different high schools and colleges unify, represent and symbolize that institution in sports, academics and clubs. Heritage apparently has two, the Hero and the Gorilla. One is a noble figure of honor and the other is a hairy animal. However, each mascot has a purpose and is fundamental to Heritage’s culture.

The Founding Father Heroes’ significance comes from the meaning behind the mascot. One student remarked, “Mr. Earl Taylor chose the founding fathers (heroes) because he hoped that the students that went through this school would be a great influence just like the Founding Fathers were.” This deeper meaning shows in each student and sets the ideals for them to live by the rest of their lives. The mascot empowers each student to dig deep within him or herself to not only to accomplish great feats, but also to live a moral life.

As noble a mascot as the founding fathers’ hero is, sport games usually want something more… wild. Hero the Gorilla brings out the excitement in football, basketball and other sport games; however, it hasn’t always been that way. Another student said about the gorilla, “It started out as a joke! And pep club wanted a mascot to be at the games and decided on a gorilla because the suns have a gorilla.” Seeing a gorilla swagger across the court can be humorous, but it definitely raises the energy level at whatever game it attends. Hero the Gorilla brings a raw energy that other schools possess while also allowing the school to have another nobler mascot. The combination of the Founding Father Hero and Hero the Gorilla is a great example of Heritage. Heritage is a school that empowers students to accomplish great feats, while being a normal, energetic high school. Go Heroes!!!!

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