The Possibilities of Summer

By Braeden Smith. Summer is right around the corner and there are lots of things to do and get ready for if you’re a graduating senior.

Many people enjoy going on trips with their families to visit distant relatives or explore new or exotic places. Some students end up working all summer to help save up for things in the near future. A lot of scholars just sit back and relax at home with a book or spend time with friends. A few students partake in activities that are out of the ordinary. For instance, some students are taking part in an opportunity to visit a third world country for a couple weeks and help build houses for them. Another endeavor some seniors are partaking in is a two-year service mission for their church. Lastly, some students are looking toward college in the fall and making necessary steps to prepare for the challenge that awaits them.

Each one of these things is important within themselves but summer for students can play a bigger role than just free space for trips and work. It is an opportunity for senior students to get a chance to take a little responsibility of their own. After graduating they will need to find something to do after summer ends. Whether that be work or college, it allows them to take a step further into the real world. This vital experience will help mold them into mature adults . Summer vacation can be a great time to plan ahead but it is also a time to make relationships with people. This could include business relationships, or a relationship that could eventually lead to marriage, or just strong friendships that will help you when times get tough. While summer time is usually a fun time to mess around and be lackadaisical, for a senior this coming summer could prove to be a pivotal point in their life.  

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