The Prep Before the Performance

       By Allison Sarko. Every semester the dance program puts on a wonderful concert that every dancer has been preparing for since they have come back from break. Everyone works extremely hard to perfect what they have learned and showcase it in their dance. Depending on the level, dancers can learn up to three dances for each concert… unless they’re in Dance Company. In Company, they have the option to learn other dances throughout the semester to perform at school or community events. In addition, each semester Dance Company members also learn about half of the seniors’ distinctions to perform in the end-of-semester concert plus another class piece, so the number of dances learned and performed varies.

       Since there is only so much time to learn these dances, Mrs. May gives each senior roughly a two-week time frame to teach their five-minute-long piece, and starts the process around a month into the semester. Each class begins like normal: announcements and a quick warm-up to get bodies moving and heart rates up.Then the real work of learning the piece for those weeks begins. Learning all these dances can be a chore. Trying to remember everything, like all the timing and spacing, is tough, but in the end everyone loves to bring the choreography to life and performs the numbers to the best of their ability. In addition to the distinctions, Dance Company also learns a class piece and the seniors learn a senior piece during the second semester. To prepare for the concert, in the weeks leading up to it, the dancers review all the dances they will perform and correct and change what is necessary. The week of the concert, everyone gets to dance in the costumes to get a feel for how it will look with all the necessary movements. Finally on concert day, Dance Company rehearses on stage in the morning and then performs later that night. There may be bumps in the road, but in the end Company is able to perform dances they love and that everyone enjoys watching.  

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