The Exaggeration of Asking

By Kelly Knight. Dances here at Heritage Academy are all that and a bag of chips, but they are especially over the top during the months before the dance. Recently it seems that there are no limits to how early or late to ask someone to a dance, it ranges from a month or two before a dance till the day before the dance. But from the moment one dance ends, it seems to be prime time for asking someone to the next big dance. Students ask with a wide range of materials, from food and posters to live animals and plants. Some students ask their dates in a simple way like making a silly pun on a poster with props and funny inside jokes, but some students go above and beyond by sending others on scavenger hunts running madly across campus for days looking for clues, or forcing them to dance like a monkey, or sing a silly song to get clues in front of a class. Recently I was “gifted” with the opportunity to run wildly across campus for 2 days with 17+ clues leading to different people (including the guy himself to throw me off), which led to a handcrafted wooden box, with a lock and puzzle to solve.kelly1.jpeg My experience is just one of many crazy askings that has happened at Heritage. Last year baby ducks and chicks were used as pickup lines or “pick up dates” as you could call it, fake police pullovers have been used, and even assistance from a famous a capella group to serenade the girl. Each promposal gets bigger and better, but each girl being asked feels the responsibility to counter the invitation with something just as marvelous. So even more time is spent on making posters, surfing the internet scouring for the perfect and most clever way to answer the guy. Some girls go to extents to make a flash mob, or buy tons of candy, or make a big spectacle in front of everyone. I countered my date’s  asking with 100 fortune cookies, forcing him to open each one in order to find my simple answer.Kelly2 I felt that I accomplished what every student at Heritage does, make a big deal about the asking to a dance. With each year that passes each promposal becomes bigger, better, and wilder. Soon there won’t be any higher to go with how big the asking will get, and people will be scrambling for anything to be creative and unique. But I see no problem with the simple poster, flowers, balloons, food and silly puns…in fact I say let’s save our poor High school wallets and stick to dollar store products and cheap drugstore cards, and sticking with the motto that when asking, “the punnier the funnier!”

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