Social Media Meditations

Sakue Wong.

OH SNAP! Don’t read this. Forward this information to 5 people you know or you’ll never find love! If you, too, are familiar with this popular message that blew up social media, then you, like most everyone, have tasted the effect of social media’s influence over the world. There are undoubtedly benefits that come with social media as well. It’s an amazing place to stay updated with people you care about. It’s an effective marketing tool for all types of businesses. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest trends and events everywhere. But hold the phone. This all seems unquestionably harmless and made for fun social interaction, but there are unseen consequences that have been taking its toll on society. A recent national survey in 2017, conducted by the Bergen Department of Psychological Science, showed that approximately 30,000 users who answered the survey were addicted to social media, became unproductive because of it, and had a lower self-esteem (Andreassen). People are happy looking back on their rosy pictures with well-thought out captions, but they become unsatisfied with their lives when they witness their friends at a tropical beach or a lively concert. To top these issues, social media leads to a false sense of connection. Passively scrolling through an endless stream of posts, half of which are from people that we may rarely or never talk to, could be time used fostering the relationships that mean more than just a like button. Though most social media platforms seem to share something sassy, serious, or funny, if it doesn’t appeal to anyone, it’ll be gone by the next day! Not much of an effort is needed when posts will be gone in a snap! Each social media has something unique to offer. The world is a few clicks away from each other thanks to Facebook, and Instagram is an unmatched way to document life’s most remarkable moments. However, the features that come with these platforms have consequences. Snapchat is a newfangled network that balances out these issues with technology by touching upon the more personal and authentic. Social media has a powerful influence over our society in multiple ways and it’s important that we have something to push our world into the right directions. Like Uncle Ben says, “With great power comes great responsibility!” Works Cited Andreassen, Cecilie Schou, et al. “The relationship between addictive use of social media, narcissism, and self-esteem: Findings from a large national survey.” Addictive Behaviors, vol. 64, 2017, p. 287. Academic OneFile, &xid=ac7af812. Accessed 25 Feb. 2018.

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