By: Jenni Call.   

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a teacher? What is going through a teacher’s mind when working with the rowdiest of students? I know I have. Do teachers spend all of their time grading and preparing to teach class?  Do we as students even slightly appreciate the hard work they put in to help us?

I was fortunate to interview Mrs. Patch. She is an inspiring lady that has  made a difference at Heritage Academy. She first started her teaching career by teaching  piano for 27 years. She moved to Mesa and her niece was teaching at Heritage. One day she was asked to substitute and absolutely fell in love with the environment which fueled her desire to become a teacher.   

As a child, Mrs. Patch read books and has loved English. Being a ‘bookworm’ as most people call it, she turned her strength and knowledge into a career.  Ever since she started teaching, she has loved all of her students. According to Mrs. Patch, she is a good teacher by being funny, serious when it’s time to work, patience, and most importantly,  having a passion about English. Her fun and lively mood within the classroom has helped students engage with English.

Although Mrs. Patch is a teacher, it doesn’t mean she can’t be a student too. Throughout  her years, she has learned many valuable lessons from the scholars. One lesson in particular is that she has learned not to judge so quickly but to see what is on the inside. Some of her best students were people she never would have guessed. While she does not have a favorite student, she does have a favorite type. And not surprising, it is the type of student that is funny but gets serious when it is time to work.   

Throughout the years, Mrs. Patch has impacted many students and that is all she could wish for. Since she is leaving us, she left a quote that she wants to pass down. It is, “Today is a working day.”  This saying fits, because everyday in her class is a working day even when there is laughter. Mrs. Patch uses her kindness and patience to help inspire even the most rowdy students.


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