Heritage Academy Men’s Volleyball

Carter Pedersen.

Yes, you heard it here first folks, they’re back! Heritage Academy’s state championship- winning men’s volleyball team has returned yet again this season. Led by coach Bill Whitehead, our season is half-way through, and we are pushing strong with a 6-2 record. The Heroes are hoping to pull strong and end the season with a 3rd State Championship to make the history books.

However, competition in this league has never been higher, with fantastic teams like ALA- Gilbert and our school’s main rival, the EVAC Eagles. Both schools maintain spectacular volleyball programs and have demonstrated some of the best high school volleyball skills ever witnessed by yours truly. Luckily, your boys are up to the challenge.

Team practices have increased in intensity, as coach Whitehead continues to push us to the very limit of our skills and endurance, and it’s starting to pay off. Because of the spectacular passing and setting we have drilled nonstop, our heroes have been able to jump up and hit the ball so hard; I’m surprised there are any left intact to play with. By unleashing our arsenal of serves, our team is infamous in the league for the number of aces we give to the other teams.

There is only one thing I can think of that will help this juggernaut of a volleyball team become even better: you. We need more fans in the audience to cheer our team on! For what fun is it to have a victory and have no one to share it with? Our team has a plethora of home games coming up, and we ask for all to be a part of something inspiring! Come support our fight for our next and sure state championship win.

We are ready to rumble! We’ve been working hard in practice, in games, and we’ve come together as a team. So come be proud, come get loud, and support your Heroes!

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