Dance Company Tour: The Inside Scoop

By Anna Rogers.

Bright and early on a Monday morning on the 12 of March, Heritage Academy’s very own dance company made way for the first ever Dance Co. tour! Once everyone was buckled in and all the luggage was crammed in, the vans were ready to roll out and start the 7 hour drive to California. Once in California, we checked into our hotel in Santa Monica and got suited up for the beach to explore the Santa Monica Pier. However, it was a rather cold day and the sun was covered by clouds, so the 40 degree weather felt like -10 to us Arizona kids. We snapped a few pictures by the water and then walked around the pier and bought ice cream. The next main event of the night was a private dinner cruise. Everyone dressed up in their best and together looked like a million bucks. We ate, talked, and partied till the end of the cruise.

              The second day was reserved for dancing at the EDGE Performing Arts Studio. We took four different classes, the first being a private hip hop class followed by ballet, jazz, and contemporary classes. It sounded easy enough, but dancing for 5 hours straight was exhausting. By the time the fourth class had started we all gave half of our effort because our bodies were so tired. All sweaty, and desperate for lunch, we hopped into the vans and went to a farmer’s market in LA. We grabbed lunch first thing to stop our stomach grumbles, and then got ice cream again, creating a tradition.

              Day three we adventured in Disneyland all day. It was a perfect day to be at an amusement park: cool breezes with shady skies. Everyone split off into little groups. My group didn’t want to wait in long lines, so we went to as many of the unpopular rides as we could, and discovered that even the lame rides can be hilarious if you go with the right attitude. At 1:30 everyone was to meet up and go to a private class, but my group thought it would be a good idea to go on the one ride at Disneyland that gets you soaking wet. We learned a new skill, how to dance when you are dripping wet.  At the class we learned how to dance and act like Disney cartoon characters. For the rest of the time at Disneyland, we ate churros, hot dogs, and more ice cream–to maintain the daily tradition.

              On the last day, we handed out awards based off memories made from the trip. It was so sad to see the trip come to an end. We were all exhausted and slept the whole way until the lunch stop in Blythe. From there we sang songs as loud as we could and watched a shadow puppet lipsync. We arrived back at the school by dark and departed to enjoy the rest of our spring break.


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