A Display of Teamwork and Strength

By Drew Mejia.

On the 27th of March, the Heritage Heroes baseball team took to the fields located at Kino Junior High to challenge Sequoia Pathway. The game began at 4:30 and both teams had come to display their tireless effort in practice. Needless to say, the rivalry was present with two highly-skilled sets of players going head to head to take home the win for their school.

The game began and immediately Sequoia set the pace in the top of the first inning with a shocking 7 points. With the Sequoia team in great spirits, Heritage took to batting and had some great balls go deep into the outfield. With only 2 points being scored for Heritage, the team morale began to fall. Sequoia once again came up to bat and carried their energy into the next inning.

Then, Heritage struck back. With the initial nerves and fear out of the way, the team came together. Each player in the outfield began shouting to each other, a chilling display of teamwork. The opposing team was clearly taken aback by this; with a hefty lead, they thought they had nothing to fear. The boys of Heritage had shown them what a true team really looks like.

The remaining few innings were back and forth and eventually Sequoia would take the win; regardless of Heritage’s early troubles and lack of communication, they came together to show their hard work as a team. With the crowd cheering our Heroes on, they came together as one and displayed excellent communication skills–such as the double out in the second inning. The Heroes are ready to win their next game.


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