The Secret Life of Mr. Bryson

By McKell Mansell.

Students at Heritage Academy who have taken government and economics have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Mr. Bryson. Mr. Bryson is fairly new to the school and has taught government and economics for two years. He has been married for 37 years to his lovely wife Evelyn, and they have 4 daughters and one son.

Many students already know that Mr. Bryson is a teacher and was previously a lawyer, but what many people don’t know about Mr. Bryson is that he is an experienced long-distance runner. He has run 40 marathons and triathlons, 3 Iron Mans, and 3 Ragnars. He qualified and ran the Boston marathon 3 times with a qualifying time of 3:27:00, which is quite a feat. When he participated in the Ragnar races, his team took 2nd and 3rd places.

Running marathons takes a lot of endurance and training. When Mr. Bryson first started running he told himself, “I would never run a marathon or a triathlon because that’s like the stupidest thing I had ever heard of.” His neighbors invited him to go on runs with them, and that’s where he first began to love running long distances.

In high school, he couldn’t make the no-cut track team due to a bad lung. He has had two blood clots in his lung, and it has been punctured twice in biking accidents. Doctors have told him that it could have been fatal, but he kept on going. With all the physical adversity he has had to endure, being able to run in all of the races that he has is a huge accomplishment. After finishing the Boston Marathon in 2011, Bryson told an interviewer, “Almost anyone can do it, you just set your mind to it, and you work your way up.”


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