By: Allison Lumley.

What is a question Heritage Academy scholars have always wondered about? The significance of the school’s emblem. The emblem signifies the importance of our freedoms and why we cannot take them for granted.

The symbol itself resembles Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and the personage in the middle resembles the scholars of Heritage Academy. This symbol is supposed to remind students that they can be like the Founding Fathers and make an impact on this world.

These Founding Fathers, in particular, Lincoln and Washington, were chosen because they are outstanding examples of what Heritage students can become. Lincoln was president during the Civil War, but throughout his life, he wished to be a humble man and serve his country. He fought as a lawyer to make sure laws were being upheld and justice administered in a proper manner. Because of his belief in the Declaration of Independence, he believed all men are created equal. When he led the country through the Civil War he managed to keep the country together as a nation.

George Washington was a humble farmer, but because he served as a great general through the American Revolution, the people wanted him as their king. He wanted to retire to his farm. Washington declined the position, but finally accepted the role of president. Heritage scholars should wear their uniforms with pride, knowing that the brave Founding Fathers stood for their values while defending and starting this glorious country.

The emblem of the uniforms symbolizes more than just a logo printed on a shirt.  The motto of Heritage Academy is “Building America’s Heroes.” Wearing our shirts, we can present ourselves as not only Heritage Heroes but American Heroes.


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